Camouflage 3-4 Person Waterproof Portable Tent

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Camouflage 3-4 Person Waterproof Portable Tent

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A quality tent is an essential component of any good campout. This compactly stored tent expands to a spacious, sturdy sleeping area for 2. The durable polyester construction keeps out the elements so you are comfortably sheltered. It offers enough space for 3-4 people to comfortably sleep in, plus there is still room for your camping bags. Made of canvas, the tent is durable and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is also water-proof, so there are no worries even if it rains on your adventure. You can be sure that it can withstand strong winds, making it ideal for camping and sleepovers.

The 4-Person Camouflage Tent is easy to set up - you can do it in just 15 minutes or less. Its compact size makes it easy to bring anywhere. You can use it on the beach, camping grounds, hiking trails, or even at your own backyard.


Fabric:190T Taffeta Waterproof anti UV silver waterproof tapemore than 1000MM
Bottom material:Mixed color 210D Oxford cloth, waterproof 2000MM
Bar:7.0-8.0MM high strength fiber rod Glass fiber rod
Product structure: single layer, a skylight, a layer of white yarn doors and windows, mothproof ventilation
Accessories: cloth (including a ledger), tringle payment, to pay a nail, a hand bag (not optional accessories, has been installed)
Product features: space is larger, structural stability, good ventilation performance, applicable widely, outdoor camping, rest in the park, also can use at home! When not to roll with the tent with the hand bag, small size, can carry, very convenient.

1 After each trip will be inside and outside the account and curtain rod, nail clean, clean the main object for the snow, rain, dust, mud, grass and insects.
2. The tent can not use a washing machine washing, flushing water is available, hand pinch and washing method using non alkaline cleaning agent and cleaning are placed in a well ventilated place to dry in the shade, remove the loaded into storage bags stored in drying, a cool place, tents or folding mechanisms, because folding too rules neat the crease hardening cracks.
3. Using the tent note shoes into account, because sole joint of dirt, gravel, and extremely easy to account cut, thus losing the waterproofing significance.
4. Avoid spray sheets in a cooking, smoking, high temperature and fire hazards to the tent of, if the external bad weather must be cooking in the account, in the furnace head pad on the aluminum film or other insulation materials, and will open all the doors and windows of the tent.
5. Night lighting in the tent as far as possible to avoid fire use candles and other unprotected items as props for lighting, as far as possible the use of headlights, a flashlight and special for tent camping.
6. Please go to bed before the rock group and ropes and professional equipment placed at the lobby before the tent of the corner or account of inside and outside, to prevent the nocturnal sleep, ceng step touch encounter these sharp objects injury to the tent.

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