The Incredible Egg Cooker

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The perfect hard-boiled egg cooker without the shell. BPA Free non-stick silicone pods make cooking eggs easier than ever! Crack the eggs into the pods, boil them! Make scrambled eggs, hard or soft boiled, mini omelets, eggs benedict and more!

Features :

  • Healthy, Safe and Durable Fully made of high-quality PP which is odor and stain resistant Both are durable and covered by our lifetime guarantee FDA approved and doesn't contain BPA, PVC, lead, phthalate, and other toxins.
  • Easy To Use The set has 3/6 individual egg boiler with the lid making you prepare 3/6 eggs at once Hard lid with a screw and allows for convenient adding flavor etc Dishwasher safe without harsh detergents, hand washes recommended.

  • All Applicable It fits perfectly in any pot can be used in the freezer and are top rack dishwasher-safe Fits for medium, large, extra-large egg size.
  • Multi-Functional Easy and convenient to cook soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs Good for cooking eggs bites, egg white, fruit, cupcakes, frozen treats, candy Can be used for cooking, food storage or serving dips and sauces, or as a mold Use to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or mealtime spread Perfect holder for sorting small items. Fun for a birthday or holiday party, baby shower, picnic, wedding or showcase Easter egg creations. 

How to Use :

  • Spray with the oil. Non-stick: Put a little bit of oil so the egg won't stick to the egg poachers.
  • Crack the egg then pour into egg cooker, cover it with the cup lid and put into the pot.
  • Put cold water into the pot until water level under the lid of an egg cup.
  • Cover them with the pot lid, boil then continue to boil 10-15 minutes.
  • Take out eggcup into cold water for a while (60 seconds). 
  • Open the cup lid then take the cooked egg out with the spoon.

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